Monthly Archives: January 2014

John Elway: Horse

This coming Sunday, the Denver Broncos will be playing in their 7th Super Bowl in team history. The Broncos’ record in the Super Bowl is 2-4. The second win on January 31, 1999 ended with John Elway winning the Super Bowl MVP by throwing for 336 yards, 1 Passing TD, and 1 rushing TD. That […]

Introducing the Cleveland Bills?

Just a quick scoot south on Route 237 from my home sits Berea, Ohio. This is the home of the Cleveland Bills… err… I mean… The Cleveland Browns. Sorry about that. Give me a chance to talk about this for a few minutes and I think you will understand why I was confused. On Thursday, […]

The Browns Hired a Man

On December 29, 2013 the Cleveland Browns fired Rob Chudzinski, the man they had hand-picked and hired 352 days earlier. The man who owner Jimmy Haslam called “the man” and touted as “the best person to lead the Cleveland Browns to the kind of winning format that we want to have here in Cleveland and […]

A Young Addict’s Perspective

I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio (right on the border of Cleveland proper). At the age of 4, my parents started allowing me to dabble with something very dangerous. I remember sitting in front of my parents’ 19″ television with the bunny ears adjusted just so in order to get a crisp image on the screen. […]